Unlocking Dementia

Unlocking the complexities, language, and psychological aspects of dementia using common terms and explanations.

Unlocking dementia – simply put!

Welcome to Unlocking Dementia!  We are glad you have joined us today.  Our goal is to provide information, knowledge, training, and support to all those living with dementia and their caregivers.  We welcome those who want to learn more about dementia, how the disease progresses, and the resources that are available.  

Articles & Resources

Frontotemporal Dementia

Frontotemporal dementia (FLD) or frontotemporal lobar dementia (FTLD) is an umbrella term for uncommon brain disorders that impacts the frontal and temporal lobes of the

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Delirium is a state of impaired consciousness, cognitive functions, and perception.  Medically, delirium is known as an acute confusional state. The condition’s “acute” designation means

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Medication treatments for dementia are limited at this time except for those conditions in which a treatable medical condition is identified. Approved Medications Different classes

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Types of Dementia (Canopy)

According to Webster’s Dictionary, dementia is “a usually progressive condition (such as Alzheimer’s disease) marked by the development of multiple cognitive deficits (such as memory

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A Dementia Diagnosis

A diagnosis is a clinical determination of a specific medical condition.  It should include a careful discussion of the patient’s medical history and the development

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About Unlocking Dementia

There are currently almost 6 million diagnosed cases of dementia in the United States and the numbers are growing.  It is estimated that by 2050, more than 25% of all people over 85 will be diagnosed with some form of dementia.  Unlocking Dementia is a source for caregivers, family members, and patients living with dementia to gain understanding, knowledge, and tips on caregiving and help with boosting the quality of life for anyone impacted by dementia.  

When we start to question ourselves and loved ones about symptoms of aging, there is always the inevitable question – “What now and where do I go from here?”  Unlocking Dementia is designed to help you through the maze of information, start at your beginning and guide you through this journey. 

Our blogs are designed to provide the level of detail requested by you.  Short blogs are just enough to get a general understanding of a specific topic.  The more in-depth blogs go deeper into a topic, offering the reader specifics with more detailed information.  Other blogs cross the boundaries of the type of dementia to incorporate similar symptoms, tips for better quality of life and ways to assist the caregiver.  

Today, dementia is diagnosed more often as we recognize symptoms and accept its existence, but none of us ever expected to travel this road.  Take a deep breath, get comfortable and search through the branches as you seek out the information that will help provide the best quality of life for those living with dementia and their caregivers.  Simple paths and clicks through this site will guide you to answers for your questions, help with emotions, link up with resources, and prepare for the future goals and activities.  

Unlocking Dementia is simply put – unlocking the complexities, language, and psychological barriers using everyday terms and explanations.  Welcome board!  We are here to make this journey a little easier.