History and Development of Unlocking Dementia

My journey with Unlocking Dementia started while I was researching topics for my Master’s in GeroPsychology.  The concept of Unlocking Dementia became a dream when I realized there was an enormous amount of information about dementia, but not very easy to acquire at a moment’s notice.   There was not an easily accessible place to wander and gather information.  Information is in books, magazines, seminars, and on the internet, but with all that information scattered around, it is often hard to find just the right answer and not easy to retrieve economically or timely.

Depending on the source of the material, such as books, articles, and videos, either written or visual, the information can be varied.  Books, articles, and magazines are filled with all kinds of information, and often the information varies depending on the source.  Reading a book or attending a seminar may give you a lot of information, but not the information you need now, and remembering that information when it is really needed often doesn’t happen.   Often when the diagnosis of dementia is given, logic and memory diminish when fear and confusion set in, making it even harder to retain and think clearly.  

For example, some healthcare professionals identify three stages of dementia, and others identify five stages.  Some talk about the five types of dementia, while others identify seven to 10 types of dementia.  Some include other diseases of the brain as dementia.  These differences in opinions and the basis of research add difficulty to understanding something that is often hard to understand in its simplest form.  This often leads to frustration, confusion, and despair.  Research stops and the caregiver or family member returns to the familiar.  

We are still in our infancy when discussing and researching dementia, and it doesn’t make it any easier to find answers to your questions.  Unlocking Dementia is designed to walk a person recently diagnosed with dementia or their caregiver through the maze of information in a logical manner.  The site can be traversed piecemeal while specific topics can be researched further.  Questions and tips are discussed that the caregiver can use to ensure the patient’s safety and quality of life are maintained.  Psychological and emotional issues like grief, stress, guilt, and hopelessness are discussed.  Financial and legal aspects are introduced as areas of concern when living with dementia and the importance of addressing them quickly.  Advice on end-of-life discussion topics is introduced with suggestions on approaching them at the right time.

As the site and interest grow, blogs and chat rooms are used as a forum to share information, help, and support to those family and independent caregivers searching for quick and simple information. Information can be retrieved just by clicking on the underscored word or phrase.  There is an index where a quick click on a word will transport the viewer to the topic of choice.  

Subscribing to the site will open more doors and resources for an in-depth study of specific topics.  Videos and blogs show techniques that improve the quality of life for those living with dementia.  Helpful lists of resources from included articles and recommended books, describing specialized equipment, medical terminology, and support groups are available.  

Because this is a living site, recommendations, suggested topics and special circumstance needs are researched and added to enhance the site.  Unlocking Dementia will grow as more information is entered, discovered, and researched.  Unlocking Dementia – simply put!

Disclaimer: Any information on this site and any linked materials therein are not intended and should not be used as professional advice.  Information, opinion, and references are provided as information resources only and are not to be used or relied upon for any diagnosis, treatment, financial, or tax purposes.  Please consult appropriate professionals for specifics before making any decisions impacting health, finances, or taxes.  Unlocking Dementia and any information on this site expressly disclaims responsibility, and shall have no liability for any damages, losses, injuries, or liabilities whatsoever suffered as a result of individual reliance on the information contained within or links connected to this site.

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