Unlocking Dementia

Dementia Mimics

The body’s interconnected systems and organs are dependent upon each other and at times, diagnosis is difficult when disorders present real or apparent memory impairment.

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Brain Functionality

Our brain is the center of all activity within a body and has three main parts that are connected at the brain stem.  Although each part has unique responsibilities, some of the functions are shared and work together.

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Alzheimer’s vs. Aging

Our brain is like a big filing cabinet and a desk with IN and OUT baskets. When we see something, our brain places that information in the IN basket for short term memory.

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Alzheimer History

In the past, it was considered normal for cognitive decline as one aged.  As early as 2500 B.C., Egyptian vizier Ptahhotep described the elderly as cognitive abilities vanished as “The heart, void, recalls not the past.  …every night becomes more and more childish.”

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